Miss Maggie

Singing Teacher

Maggie is a bubbly and positive singer and teacher who has completed her Bachelor of Contemporary Music, majoring in vocals and her post graduate studies of the voice with her Graduate Certificate of Music Studies (Vocal Pedagogy and Anatomy) at the Griffith Conservatorium of Music.  Miss Maggie has always had a love of music since a young age and has explored many avenues of the arts. Since the age of nine, she has had lessons in a variety of different musical avenues with Vocals being her main focus, other musical avenues she has had lessons in are Guitar, Bass, Dance, Musical Theatre and Clarinet.

Maggie has a strong passion for teaching and love of music and shares this with her students by balancing the need for technique and discipline and nourishing the love of music for her students. As well as teaching Maggie is also currently performing in the industry and has performed in many large stage productions such as Hairspray: The Big Fat Arena Spectacular, as well as this she often performs at local acoustic and band gigs.

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